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As a result, genetic studies are vulnerable to species misidentifications like this one. By Jeffrey Mervis Oct. By Warren Cornwall Oct. All rights Reserved. A zoomed-in view of a monarch butterfly's chromosomes. Got a tip? How to contact the news team. Science Insider. Scientific integrity bill advances in U. House with bipartisan support By Jeffrey Mervis Oct. Now retired, top U. Study shows testosterone boosts athletic performance in women By Eva Frederick Oct. Many state birds may flee their home states as planet warms By Eva Frederick Oct.

Pigs caught on video using tools for the first time By Eva Frederick Oct. What made T. By Eva Frederick Sep. Your tea could contain billions of plastic particles By Eva Frederick Sep. Good number of vegetation of ground herbs and flowering plants makes the conditions ideal for butterfly feeding and roaming in this area. Butterfly is often observed in moist-deciduous, semi-evergreen and secondary evergreen forests mostly at the openings in the canopy where sunlight reach the ground vegetation.

In monsoon lots of rain over there and much amount of humidity were present in that area with good vegetation of ground herbs and flower plants. This ideal condition of environment attracts the butterfly for feeding and roaming in this area. So in monsoon there was higher number of species found. Observation of individual species was higher so variance is higher and interprets very closely Table 6. In winter there was good green vegetation and favorable climate condition so species were more frequent compared to the summer but the density of individual species was very less compared to the monsoon Table 7 - 8.

Butterflies: Are common for only a few months and rare or absent in other parts of the year Kunte, Table 5 represents seasonal variation in species richness of different families observed during study. Species diversity and abundance pattern: Shannon, Simpson and Hills diversity indices were calculated for three different seasons.

Scientists Just Geolocated a Victorian-Era Butterfly Using Its Genome - Atlas Obscura

The Shannon diversity index indicated that winter is relatively diverse 1. Species were also ranked according to their abundance. Insects are extremely important components of the bioindicators of the world Chakaravarthy et al. Many scientists have worked on butterfly in different parts of the India Fergusson, ; Gaonkar, b ; Larsen, ; Mathew et al. About species of butterflies has been recorded from the India Gaonkar, a. Peninsular region of India resides about , Western Ghats hosts around species and species are reported in South India Gaonkar, b , of which 42 species are endemic to South India.

Availability of wide range of altitudinal gradients, microclimatic regimes, diverse habitats makes southern part of the peninsular India rich and diverse than the other parts. There are reports of migration of butterfly in India Williams, ; Bharos, ; Palot et al.


Butterflies are important plant pollinators and can pollinate about 50 economically important plant crops Borges et al. Species diversity and composition of flora and fauna is greatly affected by the several manmade factors in India. Rich and diverse insect fauna is found in the tropical region but the information on the insects in natural and man made habitats are very poor, especially for the Indian region. Total twenty eight species of butterfly belonging to five families are observed at Sawanga Vithoba lake.

Two rare species were observed. Butterfly exhibits seasonal variation in distribution of butterfly species at four stations of Sawanga Vithoba lake.

Genomes of skipper butterflies reveal extensive convergence of wing patterns

Similarity index states much similar species of butterfly at four stations of Sawanga Vithoba Lake area. Species richness of few species such as Catochrysops strabo RS Subscribe Today. Science Alert. All Rights Reserved. Research Article. Narendra Manwar and Varsha Wankhade. Similar Articles in this Journal.

Search in Google Scholar. How to cite this article: Narendra Manwar and Varsha Wankhade, Journal of Biological Sciences, DOI: Diversity indices for butterfly diversity and distribution at four stations of Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in rainy season. Diversity indices for butterfly diversity and distribution at four stations of Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in winter. Diversity indices for butterfly diversity and distribution at four stations of Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in summer.

Seasonal variation in butterfly species richness at Sawanga Vithoba Lake area. Pattern of species distribution of butterfly at Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in monsoon.

Monarch butterflies disappearing from western North America - Cheryl Schultz, Ph.D.

Pattern of species distribution of butterfly at Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in winter. Pattern of species distribution of butterfly at Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in summer. Probability of detection and abundance of species of butterfly at Sawanga Vithoba Lake area in summer. Ahsan, M. Javaid, A contribution to the butterflies of Lahore Pakistan with the addition of new records. Biologia, Bharos, A. Large scale emergence and migration of the common emigrant butterflies Catopsilia pomona Family: Pieridae.

Bombay Nat. Borges, R. Gowda and M. Zacharias, Butterfly pollination and highcontrast visual signals in a low-density distylous plant. Oecologia, Rajagopal and R. Jagannatha, Insects as bio indicators of conservation in the tropics. Zoo's Print J. D'Abreu, E. The central provinces butterfly list. Records of the Nagpur Museum No. Fergusson, H.

A List of Butterflies of Travancore. Gaonkar, H. Centre for Ecological Sciences, India, pp: Centre for Ecological Sciences, London, pp: Hassan, S. Butterflies of Islamabad and Murree Hills. Asian Study Group, Islamabad Pakistan, pp: Jana, S. Pahari, T. Dutta and T. Bhattacharya, Diversity and community structure of aquatic insects in a pond in Midnapore town, West Bengal, India. Preliminary report of butterflies of district Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Kunte, K. Butterflies of Peninsular India. Universities Press Ltd.

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  • Congruence and Diversity of Butterfly-Host Plant Associations at Higher Taxonomic Levels.

Larsen, T. The butterflies of Nilgiri mountains of southern India Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera. Bomaby Nat. Mathew, G. Anto and C. Brijiesh, Butterflies of Keral.

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Mohanan Eds. University of Calicut, Culicut, pp: Palot, M. Radhakrishnan, V.